Hello darkness

hello darkness
my old friend

spread your wings
fly with your darkness to the light

we are one
dear friend

I love
the two of you

I accept
the two of you

as part of my myself


love, my friend
touch the rose
feel the softness

love, my friend
touch the thorns of the rose
feel the hurt

love, my friend
it’s part of the whole
the thorns, the softness

love the whole

for the otherside


Hear … your heart is speaking … listen … it’s calling … follow it …

to your dreams


The way

Follow the way of your dreams … step by step … be gentle to the one who walk with you, even if it’s then a bumpy road … enjoy the path of life.DSC_41312

Wings of an angel.

The wings of an angel protect you, soothes you, comfort you, you are safe always touched, carried by an angel.  Dare to use your own wings.

DSC_3537 abstract