love, my friend
touch the rose
feel the softness

love, my friend
touch the thorns of the rose
feel the hurt

love, my friend
it’s part of the whole
the thorns, the softness

love the whole

for the otherside


Walk with me in the cathedral of nature
walk with me to find the sacred grail

my friend

in your own inner cathedral
your soul, your heart

there you find

the Holy grail



Thoughts in your head
they come and go

do not surf on it
let them go

through tears from your eyes
by saying your truth

this is temporary
let them free

like clouds
in the skyclouds



Hear … your heart is speaking … listen … it’s calling … follow it …

to your dreams


Flowing rose

stay the one you are … sweet rose … flow with the softness of your being … no borders … flow … let go …stay true to yourselfDSC_4419

The way

Follow the way of your dreams … step by step … be gentle to the one who walk with you, even if it’s then a bumpy road … enjoy the path of life.DSC_41312

The hole.

Watch your thoughts, watch the source of your happiness, let flow away what don’t belong to you. Ready to receive.DSC_1953