love, my friend
touch the rose
feel the softness

love, my friend
touch the thorns of the rose
feel the hurt

love, my friend
it’s part of the whole
the thorns, the softness

love the whole

for the otherside


Thoughts in your head
they come and go

do not surf on it
let them go

through tears from your eyes
by saying your truth

this is temporary
let them free

like clouds
in the skyclouds



Recognizing beauty in simplicity
simplicity is the essence

beauty in the existence

all ballast is gone
only love exist

love in all his simplicity

love in every particle of your body
love in every particle of nature

universal truth

be nature
be love

just be


Wandering mind

 ssshhhhtttt, be quiet, wandering mind … fly to the banks of your source
listen … your soul is whispering … your knowing, your wisdom, your truth
goodbye … the old
welcome … new beginnings

wandering mind


speak in a world that can’t hear you
speak from the bottom of your heart


it is your own soul that listens
she hears

the truth


The call

May you be blessed
with ears
to hear the voice of your soul

May you be blessed
with wisdom
to understand the voice

May you be blessed
with courage
to follow the call of your soul

Be blessed