love, my friend
touch the rose
feel the softness

love, my friend
touch the thorns of the rose
feel the hurt

love, my friend
it’s part of the whole
the thorns, the softness

love the whole

for the otherside


Walk with me in the cathedral of nature
walk with me to find the sacred grail

my friend

in your own inner cathedral
your soul, your heart

there you find

the Holy grail


Colorful chaos

 Paint the colors of your life … express yourself … laugh

disappear in the colors … breath colors … be colorful

enjoy the colorful chaos

just do it – just be it DSC_5377 abstract

Flowing love

flow my dear… let love flow … everywhere…let it flow … don’t hesitate … it’s needed … now and everflowing love.jpg


Hear … your heart is speaking … listen … it’s calling … follow it …

to your dreams